Quality in breweries

For the best quality, from hop to tap!

In recent years, more and more breweries have started in The Netherlands. In fact, the number of breweries in The Netherlands even passed the number of Belgian breweries. Besides of the best recipes, best practices in quality are the key to success as well. Quality in breweries includes a.o. HACCP and the labelling of the beers.


Since 1995, HACCP is required by law for all producers of foods and food products. HACCP is the abbreviation for “Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points”. By brewing according to HACCP-rules or the Hygienecode you maintain the hygiene during the proces. And a good hygiene of the process adds to the quality of the beer.

That is why working according to HACCP is highly important. What critical control points (CCP’s) are present in your process? And what measures are required? In the HACCP plan, the CCP’s are included combined with the necessary measures. During the brewing and filling steps checks need to be done and registred. In that way, you can proof the process is under control.

Standard items of a Quality Program

  • Raw materials
  • CCP’s
  • Checks during the brewing and filling steps
  • Cleaning Plan
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Allergens

Beer labels

Your beers are brewed with love. No doubt you would love to share your beers with as much people as possible. Ready to enter the market! You have already decided on the name and label design. Not sure what the legal requirements for labels are?

Label requirements have been laid down in European legislation. Regulation (EU) 1169/2011 has entered into force in 2014. In this regulation, a.o. the minimum font size, the method of indicating allergens and the requirements for ingredient lists have been stated.

The added value of Elucidata

Elucidata can develop the complete Quality Program for your brewery including the HACCP plan, Quality Manual and Registration Forms. This Quality Program will be custom made.

Further, Elucidata supports and advises in the development of labels. Another possibility is to fully outsource your label checks to Elucidata.

Availability and prices are on request. Please do not hesitate to contact Elucidata for more information.